About Us

ElectroGas Malta Ltd is a private entity, responsible for the construction and operation of the Malta LNG to Power Project, providing safe and reliable gas powered electricity for the first time to the Maltese Islands. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and CCGTs are the most efficient way to use that fuel for power generation, so the ElectroGas project is beneficial for Malta’s environment.

Design of the facilities began in late 2013 after the conclusion of the Enemalta tender process where the ElectroGas Malta consortium was selected. Construction began with the clearing of the power plant and regasification sites in the winter of 2014. The facilities are currently being finalised, ready for commissioning and initial operations.

The ElectroGas Malta Facilities consist of four main parts:

1. A Floating Storage Unit – An LNG cargo vessel which has been converted specifically for this project.

2. The Jetty – The FSU is berthed on a custom built jetty, purposely constructed to carry the LNG to shore so that it can be regasified.

3. The regasification compound – The third main part of the facilities, where the LNG is converted back to natural gas, a clean fuel alternative for Malta.

4. D3 & D4 – The natural gas is piped towards Enemalta’s D3 unit and also to D4, a new combined cycle power plant, and the fourth component of the ElectroGas Malta installation. Siemens Industrial Turbines have designed this highly efficient and flexible arrangement of 3 x SGT800 Turbines, each with its own bypass stack and HRSG which then combine to feed steam into a single SGT900 steam turbine.

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