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Community Investment Program

Dar Sagra Familja, Zabbar

IT Infrastructure

Dar Sagra Familja is a children’s home in Zabbar, and forms part of Fondazzjoni Sebh

EGM’s investment in Dar Sagra Familja includes the installation of state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, which comprises CCTV cameras and their system, an intercom system, and a robust Wi-Fi network covering all floors of the home. This significant upgrade ensures that all residents, most importantly the children, live in a safe and secure environment, and have continuous and reliable access to the internet, which is essential for their education, communication, and overall well-being. A new laptop was donated to a resident who is currently pursuing her studies at sixth form level, ensuring her continued access to educational resources.


Nature Trust Malta, Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Xrobb l-Ghagin

Mechanical and electrical installation works

In 2023, EGM reaffirmed its support for Nature Trust by contributing to the installation of mechanical and electrical works at the new Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre within the Xrobb l-Ghagin Nature Park in Marsaxlokk.

EGM was honored to be present at the grand opening of the completed Wildlife Rehab Centre on November 27th, 2023. The inauguration, honoured by the esteemed presence of Hon Minister Dr. Miriam Dalli and Hon Parliamentary Secretary Dr. Chris Bonett, marked a significant milestone in our collaboration with Nature Trust.

EGM takes immense pride in playing a part in this project, recognizing its pivotal role in safeguarding local wildlife. It’s truly an accomplishment that resonates with our commitment to environmental conservation.


MCAST Freshers Week 2023

ElectroGas was present at Freshers Week, organized by MCAST between the 09th and the 11th of October 2022. Freshers Week served as a platform to interact with around 8,000 students, who will soon be joining the workforce. From an HR standpoint, participating in Freshers Week brought a wide spectrum of benefits for the Company, both in terms of employer branding, and recruitment. Similarly, from a CSR perspective, ElectroGas’s participation at Freshers Week offered a fantastic opportunity to contribute to society by investing in students’ education by offering internships, job mentoring, and career exposure.

By attending Freshers Week, ElectroGas Malta Limited had a chance to showcase our passion for the industry and exhibit our workplace culture, values, and employee benefits program. By engaging with students during this event, we were able to create a positive impression and be seen as an employer of choice amongst the future workforce, which is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent.

St Francis School Msida

Karamellu tar-Rahal t’Isfel

EGM is thrilled to announce the successful book donation event at St. Francis School Msida! Grades 4, 5, and 6 students were presented with the captivating book ‘Karamellu tar-Rahal t’Isfel’ authored by the talented Maltese writer, Charles Buttigieg.

At EGM, we firmly believe in nurturing the Maltese language and culture. We understand the significance of providing students with high-quality literature to foster their education and personal growth. Through a stimulating Q&A session facilitated by Charles Buttigieg, students had the opportunity to delve into the realm of writing and literature, gaining invaluable insights from the esteemed author himself.

Our aspiration is that this book donation and interaction with the author will ignite a passion for reading and writing within each student. As a company, EGM takes great pride in supporting the intellectual development of young minds in Malta. We remain committed to investing in the community by actively engaging in initiatives that promote education and celebrate our cultural heritage.



Inspire, Marsascala

Installation of new lift

EGM has financed the installation of a brand-new lift at Inspire complex in Marsascala. This “access for all” elevator now enables students and staff to seamlessly move from the ground floor to the first floor, ensuring that everyone can enjoy equal access to the academic and therapeutic rooms located on that level. This significant improvement enhances the inclusivity and convenience of the entire facility. EGM is proud to have resolved this critical issue for the Foundation which continues to prioritize accessibility for all.



St Monica School Birkirkara

Karamellu tar-Rahal t’Isfel

The book donation event at St. Monica School Birkirkara was a success! Students in Grades 4, 5, and 6 were gifted with the book ‘Karamellu tar-Rahal t’Isfel’ by the talented Maltese author Charles Buttigieg.

As part of our commitment to promoting the Maltese language and culture, we believe that providing young students with quality literature is crucial for their education and personal growth. With the help of Charles Buttigieg, students were able to gain insight into the world of writing and literature through a Q&A session where they had the opportunity to ask the author about his writing journey.

We hope that this donation and interaction with the author will inspire each student to cultivate their passion for reading and writing. As a company, EGM is proud to support the development of young minds in Malta and will continue to invest in the community through various initiatives that promote education and cultural heritage.



Department of Biology, University of Malta

The Department of Biology at the University of Malta offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a range of biological disciplines, including marine biology, ecology, genetics, and biotechnology. The department also conducts research in various areas, such as biodiversity conservation, environmental sustainability, and biomedical sciences.

Drone with multispectral cameras

The use of multispectral drones permits analysis of light that is outside the visible spectrum and can therefore open new avenues in research about marine photosynthesis, species composition of benthic assemblages etc. The use of such a drone need not be restricted to the marine environment, as it would also be very useful in land use mapping in a terrestrial environment, as it could be used in the remote detection of concealed water sources and vegetation temperature profiles.

This drone will enable the Department of Biology to venture in research areas that are currently unavailable, and that could be applied to more effective description and conservation of marine and terrestrial systems.



St Monica School Gzira

Karamellu tar-Rahal t’Isfel

The book ‘Karamellu tar-Raħal t’Isfel’ was donated to each student in Grades 4, 5 and 6 at St Monica School Gzira with the aim to support the education and development of young students in Malta, whilst promoting the Maltese culture and language.

The students were also given the opportunity to meet the author Charles Buttigieg in person and ask him questions about his experience as a writer. The company aspires that this memorable experience will motivate each student not only to read the book, but also to fuel their passion for their own creative writing.

EGM is delighted to support the education and development of young students in Malta by providing them with literature that celebrates Maltese culture and heritage. As a company, we believe that investing in the community is a vital part of our responsibility as a corporate citizen, and we are proud to support this worthy cause.

ElectroGas will be performing similar projects at other primary schools in the coming months.



Corsa La Valette Marathon

The La Valette Malta Marathon organised by Corsa race events, is the first AIMS accredited marathon and half marathon in Malta. The route takes runners along some of the most breathtaking views on the island, running all along the historical Valletta coast, with open seas on one side and the majestic medieval fortifications on the other. The race passes by the Grand Harbour and finishes in style in Vittoriosa in the historical centre of the Three Cities.

Bibs and Timing Equipment
  • ElectroGas Malta Limited showed its commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and sports by sponsoring training for its employees who wanted to participate in the Corsa La Vallette Marathon that took place in February 2023.
  • Electrogas sponsored all the BIBs and timing equipment used during the marathon and half marathon events, which helped to make the marathon a successful and memorable experience for all participants.
  • https://corsa.mt/

Birzebbugia Sailing Club

Birzebbugia Sailing Club is a well-established sailing club located in the small town of Birzebbugia in southern Malta. The club offers a variety of sailing courses, events, and activities for sailors of all ages and levels.

Optimist Sails and outboard units

Electrogas Malta Limited has generously donated two outboard units and several Optimist sails to Birzebbugia Sailing Club, which will undoubtedly enhance the sailing experience for the club’s members.


Nature Trust Malta, Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Xrobb l-Ghagin

Nature Trust is presently working on a project which will see a derelict building at Xrobb l-Għaġin, Marsaxlokk being transformed into Malta’s first Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Following rehabilitation, where possible, wildlife will be released back into their natural habitat.

Borehole for sea water extraction

Armada Floating Gas Services Malta Ltd. and ElectroGas Malta Ltd., jointly financed the coring of a borehole, a key element to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. This borehole permits the extraction of sea water for use within the water tanks hosting the marine turtles and cetaceans being rehabilitated.


Malta Society of the Blind

The Malta Society of the Blind is a voluntary organisation whose committee members work on a voluntary basis to provide assistance to the blind. The overall aim of the Society is to enable people to live an independent life of their choice.

Purchasing of Braillers and other gadgets

EGM supported Malta Society of the Blind by donating a number of Braillers, mobile phones specifically designed for the blind or visually impaired, and other gadgets such as talking watches, bank note readers and games with tactile pieces.



Caritas, Dar Charles Miceli, Mosta

In 2018, Caritas Malta opened the doors of Dar Charles Miceli in Mosta. The house offers aftercare services to persons who complete drugs rehabilitation programme and would now like to re-integrate in society. This house has a 73% success rate of clients maintaining their recovery journey.

Refurbishment of the kitchen at Dar Charles Miceli

EGM replaced the kitchen installed at Dar Charles Miceli in Mosta, with an industrial standard kitchen.

EGM Families

Christmas presents for the children of EGM employees

In December 2021, EGM purchased Christmas presents for all the children whose parents work for ElectroGas.
The gifts were delivered by Father Christmas himself!

Marsascala Community

Refurbishment of Ġnien David Vella

In 2021, EGM financed the refurbishment of Gnien David Vella, formerly known as Gnien San Tumas, in Marsascala. The project included plastering, painting, replacement of playground equipment, new rubber tiling as well as landscaping works. The playground is aimed for young children.

Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

The Foodbank Lifeline Foundation believes that no child or adult should ever experience hunger, regardless of religion, race of gender. The foundation helps individuals and families that need support due to illness, sudden bereavement, redundancies, increase in rental cost and other trying situations, to have enough food to cover them in the short-term, until a more long-term solution is found.

Donation of €50,000
  • In 2020, the demand on the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation increased dramatically as a result of the global pandemic which negatively impacted thousands on families. EGM donated €50,000 to support the Foundation’s cause.
  • https://www.foodbanklifeline.com/

Marsascala Cleanup

Seabed and land cleanup

In September 2021, EGM collaborated with DiveMed, to organise a land and seabed cleanup. Several divers and snorkelers volunteered, as well as a team of people based on shore. All kind of waste was collected both from the bottom of the sea as well as from land!

Marsaxlokk Community

Installation of 3 'AEDs'
  • An AED provides the only effective treatment in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. EGM installed three AEDs along Marsaxlokk promenade, Xatt is-Sajjieda. These can be found next to:
    • The Tourist Information Centre,
    • The Marsaxlokk police station, and
    • The Public Convenience. 

Dar Sagra Familja, Zabbar

Dar Sagra Familja is a children’s home located in Zabbar, Malta, and run by the Sisters of St Joseph. It offers a home to around 20 children coming from troubled families. The home is divided into two apartments and cares for children aged two and above, with some remaining there well into their adolescent years. Dar Sagra Familja provides holistic care to its residents who are given all the support needed to receive an education, build a solid future and integrate better into society.

Playground refurbishment

New playground rubber flooring was installed, whilst the existing playground equipment was refurbished.

Installation of safety guards

Safety guards were installed on children’s bedroom windows prevent the risk of ‘falling from heights’ in rooms where children are left alone.

Inspire, Marsascala

Inspire reaches out to support individuals with various disabilities from autism to profound neurological and learning difficulties, behaviour that challenges and others.

Refurbishment of 'Wet Room'
  • A wet room is an ideal solution for any person who has mobility difficulties when bathing. A wet room can provide a “walk-in” environment which is not confined to the size of standard shower trays. In fact, the whole room is waterproofed, allowing for a much larger showering area.
  • https://inspire.org.mt/

Xrobb l-Ghagin Nature Park, Marsaxlokk

The purpose of Xrobb l-Ghagin Nature Park and Sustainable Development Centre is to provide education, demonstration and research in sustainable environment solutions with the overall objective of increasing the use of renewable energy, wastewater management and safeguarding biodiversity.


Information panels

EGM sponsored the installation of the information panels along the yellow and green trails at Xrobb l-Ghagin Nature Park. These panels provide information on the park’s flora and fauna and on the site’s historical heritage. The panels not only serve to pass on awareness and knowledge to visitors, but also to promote ecotourism within the Maltese Islands.

Birzebbugia Sailing Club

Birzebbugia club caters mostly for young sailors but also has a good number of veterans and other sailing enthusiast from all over Malta. The club strives to make sailing a positive experience while giving a holistic educational experience to younger sailors.

Replacement of two existing RIB tubes
  • In 2019, EGM sponsored the replacement of two RIB tubes which are used to monitor kids in sailing training and regattas in Birzebbugia
  • https://bscsailing.club/

Esplora Interactive Science Centre

This project was part also part of Esplora’s campaign to promote STEM careers.

EGM has commissioned a model of the EGM assets. This installation along with educational videos explaining the process of electricity generation from LNG can be found in the area dedicated to energy within Esplora Interactive Science Centre in Bighi

Inspire, Gozo

Inspire reaches out to support individuals with various disabilities from autism to profound neurological and learning difficulties, behaviour that challenges and others.

Upgrade of 'Multi-Sensory' Room
  • Multi-sensory rooms create provide a specifically designed environment, enabling people with a disability to enjoy a very wide range of sensory experiences, be it therapeutic, recreational, educational or just fun.
  • https://inspire.org.mt/

Marsaxlokk Bay Beach Cleanup

EGM supported a beach clean up organized in Marsaxlokk Bay. Around 15 bags of recyclable material, 30 bags of landfill waste and other bulky waste was collected.