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About the Enemalta Contract

ElectroGas Malta was formed in 2013 to participate in a competitive bidding process set out by Enemalta, the government-owned power utility company of Malta.

The bid tender was for a company, or group of companies, to provide Malta with its first LNG-to-power capabilities in order to lower electricity costs, promote security of energy supply and to reduce carbon emissions.

The successful bidder for the contract would agree to undertake the design, construction, maintenance, operation, ownership and delivery of an LNG-to-Power project in Malta. This would include the construction of an onshore gasification facility and floating storage unit, the procurement of natural gas at a fixed price over a five-year period and the provision of electricity to Enemalta for 18 years. Further requirements of the contract included:

  • Sourcing and storing liquefied natural gas for the Project for a fixed price over a five-year period.

  • Designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating an LNG regasification facility;

  • Degasifying LNG and supplying gas to Delimara 4 and the existing 149MW power plant located in Delimara (“Delimara 3”);

  • Designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating a new 215 MW CCGT rated power plant also located in Delimara (“Delimara 4”);

  • Generating capacity and energy from Delimara 4 to Enemalta Corporation; providing electricity to Enemalta over an 18-year period.

The EGM consortium was formed to bring together international and local expertise to be able to offer successful delivery of all bid requirements.

18 companies expressed interest in the project. The contract was awarded by Enemalta to EGM in September 2013 following a review of which bids were able to both satisfy the tender requirements and were able to offer the most cost-effective price. The deal was approved by the European Commission.

EGM completed construction of LNG-to-Power facilities at Delimara in 2017 [Read More] and secured a stable supply of LNG for a five-year period at a fixed price in 2015, as required by the tender. [Read more]

The deal was approved by the European Commission.

The project has also enhanced Malta’s efficiency in electricity generation by approximately 53% while reducing emissions by 50% and particulate matter by 90%. [Read More]