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Clean Energy
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Safety & Environment

EGM is committed to maintaining the highest standards of health, safety and environmental protection.




One of the core aims of the Delimara project is to reduce carbon emissions and to enable Malta to become oil-free from 2015. LNG is an ideal solution for Malta being a cleaner alternative to all other fossil fuels.

By using LNG, the same amount of power output can be reached with less fuel than a lower efficiency unit.

Powering both the D3 and D4 plants with natural gas, has reduced emissions by 50% and particulate matter by over 90% compared to the previous power generation energy mix. As a result of the project, Malta’s efficiency in electricity generation has improved by approximately 53%.


Health & Safety


Safety remains the number one priority at ElectroGas Malta, without compromise.

Our Marine Studies, Jetty and FSU mooring design and Nautical Risk Assessments were carried out by independent specialist experts in these fields with no resource spared in attention to detail and contingency.

ElectroGas Malta uses three different world-leading operators namely: ESB International Ltd, Bumi Armada Berhad and Reganosa S.A.

These operators all work on the plant to ensure that operation and maintenance is carried out by fully trained and competent staff using tried and tested methodology.